The great-grandfather gives the first step, the father shapes it and the great-grandson gives solidity. Three men of different generations, tied by blood and one passion: the success of Kaffa Coffee.

Adriano Telles fixed residence in Rio Branco in the state of Minas Gerais, and then starts the trading business of coffee and other beverages.

He makes a fortune, gets the knowledge of “benefit from coffee”, buy plants and raises the “House of Telles (Casa Telles)”. The next challenge is to introduce the Brazilian coffee in Portugal, but the entrance is sealed by some would characterize it as: “bitter, bad taste, sugar cost and uneconomic”.

1908 marks his definitive return to Portugal where he cultivated at home, prepared degustation of his brasilian coffee, and offered it to his visits.

The Galvão Telles modify their taste for Brazilian coffee at home. Appreciated by all, gradually becomes a great choice. The reception is good. Then begins the project that later leeds to the founding of the famous house "A Brasileira", in Porto, Lisbon and Coimbra. Adriano Telles had a passion for coffee.

In his family, future generations inherit it.

In 1960, the grandson Óscar Telles de Noronha Galvão set up a factory for roasting and trade of coffee - a Cafa-Armazéns de Café, Lda — and the great grandson, Óscar de Deus Telles de Noronha Galvão not only follows up on his father's company, now called "Kaffa Caffè" (in Ethiopian means the origin ofcoffee), and undertakes efforts to modernize the image of the legacy it has made.

Kaffa is today one of the most important players in Portugal and in Europe in the manufacturing process of coffee capsules. The factory in Portugal ensures a process completely automated, highly efficient, producing capsules for all major brands including the distribution brand Kaffa.